Bitcoin Millionaire Founder Found Dead After He Was Reported Missing

In a shocking turn of events, another crypto founder and Bitcoin millionaire has been found dead. John Forsyth, early Bitcoin proponent and founder of Onfocoin, has been found dead after missing for over a week.

The Circumstances Around Forsyth’s Death

Forsyth was first reported missing about a week ago when the founder, who also worked as an Emergency Room doctor at the Mercy Hospital in Cassville, Missouri, had failed to show up for work. Red flags went up after this because those closest to him revealed that the doctor never missed work no matter what. According to his partner, Forsyth had sent a text in the morning, but that was the last time they had heard from him.

After being reported as a missing person, a search was mounted for the founder which led to the discovery of his car as well as some of his personal belongings, including a passport, briefcase, cellphone, and wallet, being discovered in a park. However, there was no sign of Forsyth.

The founder would remain missing for a week until police found his body on Tuesday, May 30. His body was reportedly found in Arkansas but law enforcement is still investigating the disappearance and eventual death of the founder.

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Seeing Bitcoin For What It Was

Forsyth first gained prominence in the crypto space when he was featured in Forbes as a Bitcoin millionaire. According to the Onfocoin founder, he discovered Bitcoin early on which he mined, alongside Litecoin, and held the coins for a long time.

Forsyth then founded Onfocoin, a referral-based cryptocurrency project, with his brother and business partner Richard Forsyth. His son describes his father as very interested in crypto and his crypto company. However, his brother Richard says the doctor didn’t seem to have crypto on his mind leading up to his death. Although he believes that both of them being involved in cryptocurrency has “made them some enemies.”

Forsyth’s death is the latest in a series of crypto founder deaths that have rocked the space in the last year. In 2022, Nikolai Mushegian, credited as one of the founders of MakerDAO, was found dead on a beach in Puerto Rico. However, there was no foul play found in relation to his death.

In early May 2023, Cash App founder Bob Lee was stabbed multiple times and died during surgery. Nima Nomeni, a tech consultant, has been with murder in the death of Lee and is currently facing up to 26 years to life in prison if found guilty and convicted.

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