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Coinbase Transfer By Voyager Ignites Sell-Off Alarm Bells Within Crypto Community

Crypto exchange Coinbase has attracted significant attention because of Voyager Digital, a cryptocurrency organization currently grappling with financial distress. Voyager’s unexpected move of transferring a substantial portion of its assets to Coinbase has sparked considerable interest.

This unexpected and bold action has sparked lively dialogues and arguments about the future of Voyager and the ramifications it may have on the broader digital financial ecosystem.

Is a sell-off about to take shape?

Voyager To Coinbase: What’s Going On?

Etherscan shows that on August 11th, Voyager Digital moved a substantial amount of assets in the cryptocurrency market. The exchanged amount was 1,500 Ether, or around $2.77 million at the time of the deal.

                                                               Voyager transfers to Coinbase. Source: Etherscan

Voyager Digital also transferred a sizable amount of Shiba Inu tokens, amounting to 250 billion at a value of about $2.7 million.

Etherscan data reveals that tokens changed hands once each hour. Some speculated that this unexpected shift portended an impending sell-off. However, some reports suggest that Voyager may simply be consolidating its tokens into a single address.

On Saturday, Wu Blockchain tweeted about the successful Voyager transfer:

In comparison to Voyager’s massive and diverse cryptocurrency holdings, the latest transfer of assets may seem insignificant.

While certainly large in terms of its own, the transfer represents a relatively small portion of the vast crypto fortune that Voyager has methodically amassed over time.

Bitcoin reached a market cap of $571 billion on the weekend chart:

According to Wu Blockchain, Voyager has recently transferred any leftover tokens to its primary address. Reports indicate that Voyager still keeps roughly $81.63 million worth of crypto assets.

In the face of all this, there have been rumblings from people in the know that Voyager is considering bundling its remaining tokens under its primary address. This calculated maneuver seems designed to bring all its resources under one roof.

A Sell-Off In The Pipeline?

Analysts’ theories have diverged as a result of the recent consolidation inside Voyager. In an effort to streamline operations before divesting, one group contends that the consolidation could act as a prologue to a prospective sale of Voyager’s assets.

An alternate viewpoint, however, asserts that the consolidation heralds an impending shift in Voyager’s strategic focus. The role of the consolidation as a stepping stone to reset corporate objectives is what analysts in this camp predict will lead to a change in the company’s strategy.

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