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Comedian Louis CK Trolls Crypto Twitter: Only Bitcoin Isn’t A “Scam”

Stand-up comedy legend Louis CK is making cracks at the expense of crypto Twitter, claiming that only Bitcoin isn’t a “scam”.

Find out if the funny man is serious, making a joke, or simply stirring the pot. Also, learn why CK could be holding crypto longer than you have.

Comedy Legend Cracks On Crypto, Calls Altcoins A “Scam”

A new Twitter thread by user Sir Doge of the Coin, tells the audience to start arguing in the comments. Never one to shy away from such opportunities to create outrage, comedian Louis CK jumped on the thread, calling all other cryptocurrencies “besides Bitcoin” a “scam”.

The antagonizing comment immediately resulted in other users taking the bait, responding with reasons for why Ethereum and other altcoins are legitimate, worthwhile investments.

Given the negative sentiment in and outside of crypto, especially around altcoins at the moment, he was also met with plenty of agreement and support. Bitcoin maximalists offered virtual high fives in solidarity. But in the end, he’s probably just trolling — something he is well known for.

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Louis CK got into Bitcoin here | BTCUSD on

No Joke: Louis CK Supported Bitcoin Since 2015

Louis CK, coincidentally, was among the first comedians ever to accept Bitcoin for payment through BitPay for his show recordings through his official website back in 2015. That payment option is no longer active, but the comedian has been around Bitcoin longer than many of you reading this currently.

The stand-up star has also plenty in common with the crypto market. For year Louis CK was the biggest name in comedy, landing his own recurring TV show using his namesake. But a scandal caused a major setback.

Much like the cryptocurrency market falls in and out of favor, then back into it, Louis CK has made a glorious comeback, is still adored by his fans, and clearly more than capable of trolling crypto Twitter with his comedic commentary.

Due to his regular presence on Twitter, Louis CK talks about crypto more than you would expect a comedian to. Be sure to follow Louis CKfollow Louis CK if you don’t already (and if you aren’t easily offended).

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