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Majority of Institutions Ready to Invest, Survey Finds

Recent insights from a survey conducted by Nomura Holdings and Laser Digital Holdings shed light on the evolving attitudes of Japanese institutional investors towards cryptocurrency.

The survey, which included responses from 547 investment managers across various sectors such as family offices and public interest corporations, suggested a big embrace of cryptocurrency from these respective fields.

YES to Crypto

A striking 54% of these investors expressed intentions to venture into the cryptocurrency market within the next three years, highlighting a shift towards diversifying investment portfolios with digital assets.

The findings suggest a significant inclination towards using cryptocurrencies as speculative instruments and as substantial components of diverse investment strategies.

While only 16% of the respondents view digital currencies as potential substitutes for traditional base currencies, 62% see them as high-return investment opportunities.

This perspective underscores a strategic approach to leveraging the unique attributes of digital assets, including their low correlation with other asset classes and potential as a hedge against inflation.

According to the survey, most investors planning to add digital currencies to their portfolios intend to allocate between 2% and 5% of their assets under management. These investments are considered with a minimum horizon of one year, indicating a cautious yet optimistic approach to this emerging asset class.

Besides direct investments, there is a notable interest in crypto-related activities such as staking, mining, and lending, which over half of the investors are exploring.

However, the crypto journey is not without challenges; key barriers include the lack of established fundamental analysis methods, high volatility, and concerns about counterparty risks.

Japanese Regulatory Stance

On the regulatory front, Japan appears more accommodating than its regional neighbors, such as China. Recent developments have shown a proactive stance from Japanese regulators towards the digital currency sector.

In February 2024, a significant policy adjustment allowed venture capital firms and other investment funds to hold cryptocurrencies directly.

This change is part of a broader economic agenda under Prime Minister Kishida’s administration, which aims to “revitalize” Japan’s economy by supporting the growth of Web3 and digital asset firms, according to the report.

Additionally, the potential for crypto ETFs in Japan could further catalyze market activity, with 53% of surveyed investors indicating they would opt for such products if available.

The proactive regulatory environment already has tangible impacts on the market. For instance, Metaplanet Inc., a Tokyo-listed company, has taken significant steps by integrating Bitcoin into its treasury assets.

Their initial investment of JPY 1 billion (approximately $6.56 million) in Bitcoin, designated for long-term holding, was followed by an additional purchase of 23.351 BTC on June 11.

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