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Meme Coins On Bitcoin Blockchain Under Threat As Coders Seek Removal

Meme coins may be facing a daunting threat to their existence. The coders and validators of the Bitcoin blockchain, the very foundation on which these meme coins operate, are contemplating their removal. 

This pivotal decision comes in the wake of a significant surge in Bitcoin blockchain gas prices witnessed in May, a surge fueled by the relentless growth of Bitcoin-based meme coins. 

But what does this mean for the future of meme coins? Is this the end of their wild and unpredictable journey?

Bitcoin Blockchain Faces Threat From Surging Meme Coins

A surge of speculative coins inundated the Bitcoin blockchain in May, resulting in a record-breaking number of transactions and an alarming 11-fold spike in processing fees. The unprecedented influx of meme coins, such as the popular frog-themed Pepe, created a logjam within the blockchain, causing concerns among cryptocurrency purists. 

Fearing the recurrence of network congestion and disruptions to Bitcoin’s primary functions as a payment system and store of value, these purists are advocating for the implementation of software that can filter out such transactions, effectively treating them as spam.

BTC market cap currently at $518 billion on the daily chart:

Bitcoin developer Ali Sherief expressed his worries about the exploitation of the system, telling Bloomberg:

“Bitcoin was never intended to serve as a base layer for meme tokens.” 

He further emphasized the potential threat posed by these seemingly worthless tokens to the smooth and normal functioning of the Bitcoin network as a peer-to-peer digital currency. 

In an email addressed to the largest developer group associated with the leading digital asset, Sherief highlighted the urgent need to address this issue, as meme tokens continue to challenge the integrity and utility of the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Debate Ensues As Bitcoin Ordinals Embrace Meme Coins 

While concerns loom over the impact of meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain, a faction of developers and proponents are steadfast in their support for their coexistence.

Bitcoin Ordinals has championed the idea of accommodating large numbers of NFTs, meme coins, and other digital collectibles within the BTC blockchain ecosystem.

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One of the key figures in this movement is developer Casey Rodarmor, who created Ordinals, a platform that allows users to embed various forms of digital content, including images, videos, and texts, on Satoshis—the smallest unit of Bitcoin. This innovation paved the way for the development of the BRC-20 standard, which facilitated the explosion of meme coins on the Bitcoin blockchain.

Amidst the ongoing debate, the fundamental nature of the Bitcoin network comes into play. With no single person or entity exerting control over the decentralized network, the path forward regarding sustained action against meme coins and NFTs remains uncertain.

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