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Robinhood (HOOD) Extends Trading Services To The UK

Robinhood, a major player in the United States financial technology industry is set to stretch out its trading services in the United Kingdom for the purpose of growing its business globally.

Robinhood To Offer US Stock Trading In the UK

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Robinhood Vladimir Tenev confirmed the expansion toward the UK sector in an interview with Bloomberg. According to the CEO, the expansion aims to bring the US stocks into the UK market.

The CEO stated:

The intention is, for the U.K. market, Robinhood to be the best place to invest U.S. stocks, U.S. dollars, and we believe we can fill that need better than anyone else.

Tenev noted that the company plans to gradually extend its platform to all users in the United Kingdom in early 2024. With the launch, consumers in the UK market will be able to trade 6,000 equities in the US market. 

The CEO further asserted that a waitlist has been made available to people who wish to gain early assess to the app. Furthermore, the platform’s launch in the UK is under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulation.

Additionally, the platform offers users features like a five percent interest, and can change their uninvested funds from pounds to dollars. These offers aim to attract a larger range of investors, particularly those with little financial resources.

Robinhood’s expansion sparks wider growth for its business globally. The CEO explained, “I aspire for Robinhood to be a global company. That’s been the plan from the very beginning. Baiju and I started this company as immigrants and children of immigrants, and so, the idea of making our services […] available to anyone in the world is just the vision that I had in mind from the very beginning.”

The company’s entry into the UK market also puts it in direct competition with national and international companies. These include companies like, based in New York, Revolut, and Freetrade, among others.

Zero – Fee Trading Initiative

The CEO also underscored the platform’s commitment to offering Zero-Fee trading and accessible trading alternatives for UK users. This initiative is similar to the effective charge reduction strategy that was put in place in the US before the epidemic.

Notably, Robinhood does not demand any commission fee for buying and selling stocks on the platform. Due to this, individuals can start creating their investment portfolios with a minimum of one US dollar (79p).

Tenev explained:

So we are launching imminently to the initial set of customers in the UK, and what we are launching is a commission-free share trading of US stocks.

With its zero-fee trading strategy, the platform’s introduction into the UK market will completely change how average investors interact with the stock market.

Also, with its focus on technology and user-centric features, the platform is poised to impact the current market. It will also bring fresh energy to the UK investment landscape.

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