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Sudden Shibburn’s Twitter Account Suspension: What We Know

Shibburn, a popular community-driven Shiba Inu burn tracker on Twitter, has had its bot application suspended. During this suspension, Shibburn has provided an alternative method for the community to track Shiba Inu burns.

Shibburn has garnered significant attention within the crypto community. Seeking assistance and a resolution, the account holders have reached out to influential figures such as Elon Musk and Twitter’s newly appointed CEO, Linda Yaccarino.

In a recent tweet, the Twitter account expressed a strong belief that the suspension was an error. According to a message on the Developer Portal, Shibburn’s app was flagged for violating Twitter’s rules and policies. However, the account stated that it never received the email containing additional information regarding the alleged violation.

Shibburn Maintains Adherence To Guidelines 

This discrepancy in communication has led Shibburn to assert that the suspension was unjustified and unintended. Furthermore, Shibburn has faced difficulties when attempting to submit a support ticket, as they have encountered an issue where no form is available for submission.

Shibburn emphasized the fact that its app had been actively operating on Twitter for a span of two years. Throughout this time, it diligently adhered to the platform’s guidelines, maintaining a positive presence within the community.

The abrupt suspension of Shibburn has ignited speculation and discussions within the crypto community. The incident has raised concerns about how Twitter handles enforcement actions and has sparked a broader conversation about the platform’s approach to moderating cryptocurrency-related accounts.

As an automated account, this bot plays a crucial role by providing real-time updates on Shiba Inu burn transactions and essential statistics. The bot app has become a vital resource for both Shiba Inu enthusiasts and the wider crypto community.

Twitter Urged For Clear And Transparent Guidelines

In an effort to raise awareness about the situation, the Shibburn account has tagged several prominent figures within the Twitter realm. A survey of Shibburn’s Twitter account reveals that its most recent update regarding Shiba Inu was posted 16 hours ago, which deviates from its usual routine of providing hourly reports.

While the concerned Twitter account’s bot was rendered inactive and unable to post updates on Twitter due to the suspension, the burn tracker presented users with an alternative solution. In a separate tweet, Shibburn guided users to its official website to access the most recent information on Shiba Inu burns.

The crypto community anxiously anticipates a resolution to the suspension of the account and seeks clarity regarding the reasons behind the removal of the account. In light of the ongoing expansion of the crypto industry, it becomes increasingly crucial for social media platforms to establish transparent guidelines and ensure equitable treatment of accounts related to cryptocurrencies.

Recently, Twitter has exhibited a pattern of suspending accounts, and this is not the first instance. On June 19, the social media platform suspended the account of “Explain This Bob,” a popular meme coin-linked artificial intelligence-powered bot. This action came after Elon Musk accused it of being a “scam crypto account.”

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